Meet the Crew That Makes Vegas Shine.

MGM Resorts International® is the machine behind Vegas’ most renowned and globally revered resorts. And we’re the grease that keeps them, and the events they host, running like Billy Crystal at the Oscars.

We’re MGM Resorts International Production Services. Our name may be long, but we are proud to say our list of happy clients is even longer. Over the years our team of talented production professionals has helped bring a wide range of events to life in some of the world’s most beautifully functional event spaces. Conventions and trade shows. Business presentations. Award ceremonies. Weddings. Even concerts and televised special events. We’ve done it all with the biggest of grins plastered across our faces. No matter the scope of your event, we’ve got what it takes to pull it off without a hitch.

What gives us a leg up over your run-of-the-mill awesome production company is we’ve built rock solid relationships with every department at every MGM Resorts destination. That means when it’s time to secure the open bar, we know exactly who to talk to, where to place it and how to light it–among other important things. Whichever location you choose for your next event, we’re already five steps ahead of you. We know every space inside each MGM resort like the back of our own hands. Giving you greater flexibility and better results.