Green Advantage

MGM Resorts International is committed to being a leader in environmental stewardship. It’s one of the many ways we bring value to our shareholders and the thriving communities in which we operate.


The MGM Resorts Green Advantage program is the driving force behind our companywide initiative to do our part to protect our planet. Not only does it increase the sustainability of our company, it takes the necessary steps to reduce our consumption of limited natural resources.


Why tell you this? As a potential client, we want you to know that in partnering with MGM Resorts International Production Services, you will be engaging an environmentally responsible production company that has your, and Earth’s, best interests at heart. We use high-efficiency equipment, along with low-power consuming LED lighting and revamped bulbs in our projectors to minimize raw material waste. As our old technology becomes obsolete, we repurpose it, or donate it to someone who can use it. We even recycle at home.